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Mobile apps for swimmers


Technology today has helped to revolutionize training for competitive swimmers. There are so many gadgets for swimmers to use while training and competing. Smartphones are just one more tool in a swimmers arsenal. Smartphones can help a swimmer analyze data, learn different techniques and keep them current on events and meets with their mobile apps. Some apps are not worth the time it takes to download them, but others I discovered are a great way to get a little extra help. Here are the mobile apps I found most effective for swimmers.

Meet Mobile is at the top of my list of mobile apps. Developed by Active Network, this app is great for not only swimmers, but coaches and fans as well. It is used to support both small and large scale swim meets. It has all the data a swimmer could ask for: psych sheets, heat sheets, and real-time results from all over the world. I like that you can keep track of your competition and see where you stack up, helps motivate me. I can also see lane assignments and event times, so I don’t need to run around to see about any last minute changes – another plus in my book. Best of all, it doesn’t drain your battery and it’s free! Although there is a fee if you want to view the heat sheets, depending on the host.

Next on my list is an app I love using to follow my workouts: Swimming Log Pro, by Alex Rastorgouev. The app costs just $1.99 and is easy and effective for studying training data. You can input time, swim style and distance, then review the results. This app lets me visualize my numbers and give me a clearer picture of what I need to work on. I can see which swim styles I excel at (the butterfly) or what distances I need more stamina for (500m). There’s even a journal to record my thoughts and insights on my sessions. It helps me to set future goals and tailor my workouts accordingly. This app is for iPhone, iPad an iPod touch only.

Swim Meet Checklist is the latest app I’ve downloaded, and it is one of my all-time favorites. I was constantly forgetting things for meets, to the point where I had two sets of everything: one at home and one in the car. It was time consuming and expensive to pack twice, but now I don’t have to. Swim Meet Checklist is on Android and costs only $0.99. It provides you with a list of everything you will need for your meet. The app has 45 items already loaded, and you can add more. You can use one of their existing lists, edit it or make a completely new checklist if you want. There’s an alarm feature you can set to remind you of things to do. I like that you can add notes to an item so you’ll know why you have an item on your list weeks after you created it and set priority levels to each item.

I have never been happier since I started using these mobile apps. They help relieve the pressure that comes with competing and have made y workouts more enjoyable. I really feel like I’ve made advancements in my performance that wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Mobile apps for athletes


Swimmers are not the only ones to benefit from this new wave in technology. Athletes from all sports can get more out of their performance by investing in the latest technology, especially one of the many available mobile apps currently available. They offer athletes of all training levels on-the-go information that is constantly updated. You can review your stats and others as well with most of these apps. However, all apps were not created equal. These 3 should are at the top of my list; read on to find out why.

Whether your training for a marathon, cycling event or swim meet one thing is essential: to make the most of your time. Training for three hours means noting if you’re not utilizing that time and getting the most from your body. That’s why the Training Peaks Athlete Edition should be on every athlete’s smartphone. This app has every tool you need to track your performance and give you the most comprehensive analysis of your performance. It logs all pertinent data, like heart-rate, pacing and distance over an extended period. Then using tools like The Performance Management Chart, it will analyze your progress so you can tweak your workouts accordingly. It really helps optimize your sessions. They have individual packages based on your sport, with basic and premium editions that average between $24 and 29 dollars, making it affordable and helpful.

Nike has a great app for competitors looking to take their performance to the next level or need a little extra motivation. It’s called Nike Training Club and it’s like a free personal trainer for your phone. Training is more than just mastering moves, it’s about being fit and healthy. With this app you have over 100 exercises routines that are custom-built, plus you can unlock the workout routines of some of your favorite athletes. This program gives you a full workout: there’s cardio, interval and physical training routines. Added features include a built-in calorie and carb counter to help you eat right and the option of choosing your music for additional motivation. This app is a great tool for beginners too it can help them figure out what routines work best and keep them focused.

Every athlete needs stamina to compete and excel, making cardio exercise a must. Cardio increases your heart-rate and allows you to perform for extended periods of time. Cardio routines let you push your body to its limits and keep you at your most fit. Cardio Trainer by Noom Inc has over 20 different high-impact cardio routines, with alternating degrees of difficulty. It’s just $9.99 (Only available on Android at the moment) and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you get your money back if you’re not happy with your results. You can also set a reminder for your daily sessions so you don’t forget.

I have found that these apps are highly popular with my fellow athletes. They provide important tools to help athletes of all levels perform at their absolute best. As an athlete there is only one thing that is more important than wining: giving your all. With these apps there are no excuses, you will always perform at the top level.