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Keeping Cool at Summer Heats

Some of us love the summer. We can handle the heat, the sun’s direct rays, and the intense humidity (or in some cases aridity as in Arizona). Our hearty bodies adapt in true Darwinian fashion. We chug a little extra water, suck on some ice, get a bit of rest in the shade, and continue on. We actually like it this way. We could be hiking, biking, running, or for me swimming in an outdoor Olympic size pool. But remember that our skin is exposed and we are at the mercy of the seasonal elements.
Some of us hate summer. We detest the way we sweat through our clothes, the wet look of our skin, the constant thirst and fatigue. We can feel weak and tire quickly and easily, and it ruins our favorite sports pastime. We might be sitting in the heat observing a swimming meet or in the pool thrashing to the finish along with our weary competitors. We crave a colder clime.
Love it or hate it, we make sure as athletes that we accommodate ourselves to the changing conditions of summer in our area. We drink plenty of cold water, even while in the pool. Swimming is not always a sport that takes place in a nice air-conditioned arena where you can wear a logo hoodie for the team even if it is 100 degrees outside. You can’t always park underground or in the shade. You sometimes can’t escape the heat in any way, shape or form, and you have to simply go home. You would think the pool would keep you cool, but then you would be wrong. You feel the air temperature every time you step out of your lane. You stand there by the water with feet burning on hot cement. It is like medieval torture.
The powers that be should think about outdoor fans for the athletes in these situations. Do easy to find good fans with outdoor fan reviews online. The people fans would be very grateful as well. Why not. It would be cheap and easy to implement in any swimming meet space. Just some available electricity and a way of water-proofing the wires. No electrocution on meet day please! Some people prefer buckets of ice, but why not have both. You can keep cool and dry while you cheer your favorite swimmer on to his or her best time. Just put the beer or soda on ice.
The moral of the story is to keep cool and safe in the summer in order to enjoy the activities you like the most this time of year. Try big hats, sun-proof clothing to prevent burns and skin cancer, a thermos of ice water, and some spray water by Evian. Use an electric portable mini fan easily packed away in your tote bag for quick withdrawal when the temperature rises. Do whatever it takes like petitioning the local club for new fan installation and/or misters. Summer haters would become lovers and join hands with the diehards who face any kind of climate challenge with bravado.