Pool Cleaning Under Pressure

If you want to know the ABCs of pressure cleaning a swimming pool, read on. If you don’t have one, your friends might, or your local gym. You can give everyone you know some good tips for efficient, low-cost cleaning. What a guy! (Don’t forget to offer to help.)

Point one: in the winter, pools can turn black from accumulated algae. The time is right for heavy cleaning come spring. Grime and scum can be removed with the right solution and a pressure washer. If you want a usable sparkling pool, and you have to do it yourself, take heed. Investing in a good unit is a one-time expense and sure saves on the weekly pool boy who flirts too much with the girl next door in any case.

Point two: many people like to pressure wash their pool at the end of the season after a complete draining. You can then cover it with a tarp for protection against falling leaves and tree debris. Redoing the wash makes it that much cleaner for the warm weather crowd.

Point three: pressure washers come with extension wands and brushes. Buy one designed for a swimming pool rather than a basic utilitarian model unless it comes well equipped. You rinse well with water to flush residue, refill it, and you are set. If you are happy with the results and have a tennis court, you can clean that up nicely too. Then the basketball court, etc…

Point four: these are very handy tools that can run from a couple of hundred dollars to a thousand. Best to look at some pressure washer reviews here. Assess your needs and get help to make the right selection so you won’t have to upgrade soon. They are adjustable for different applications. You can choose an electric or gas model depending upon your desired power source. If you want hot water, you can have that, too.

Point five: safety first. Use goggles while operating machinery. No one wants algae in their eyes, or grit for that matter. Keep children and pets, as curious as they might be, far away. Learn the tricks of the trade for a particular job and the type of surface involved. You don’t need to do it by trial and error! Remember that pressure washers are designed for concrete, plaster, and exposed aggregate. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are a definite no no. When in the pool, be careful of heaters, pumps, and even stereo equipment. Work in sections starting with the walls. Try a low-pressure spray pattern at first to assess its effectiveness. Algae needs a high-pressure rinse using a prepared solution. Resilient residue may need some hand scrubbing. You don’t want to damage your unit by running bleach through it. Buy a turbo nozzle with your pressure washer so you won’t need to go back for it to blast away pesky buildup. Some are rotary, some are like a hydrojet. It sounds like fun, and it is.

And there you have the basics of cleaning a pool top to bottom in just one day.