Washlets? Who Knew?

I didn’t know about this until I traveled to Japan for an athletic event. So tourists—be on alert for a surprising but pleasant experience in the bathroom department. Many ball players I know participate in foreign games so it is not impossible that some of you will experience this odd luxury.

In nice hotels in Japan, for example, the newer more modern places, the bathrooms are important sites of superior cleanliness. Yes, cleanliness is next to godliness in this foreign land. It is not enough to have one of the best flushing toilets in the world, or something with an automatic flusher – we all have seen that! It does spare you from touching germ-laden levers, however. But the updated toilet designs target hygiene to the max.
They look similar to the old models, but they will shower you (literally) with a spray of tepid or warm water in place of harsh paper products. You can be sure that no trace of anything will remain. It is a kind of bidet substitute more in tune with the needs of men who shun the French bathing alternative. Some fancy toilets have adjustable temperature gauges and water flow regulators. This more than mere practicality.

It is a spa concept called by some a “washlet”. If you live in the country, you might be lucky enough to have one in your apartment or condo. If you own your place of residence, it is easy to have one installed. You will be right in line with the top executives and high earners of corporate Japan. You will live well beyond the style of most Americans at home who have never even heard of this innovation.

But here it is, ready to be tested. Most people like it after a few tries. It is the ultimate kind of toilet experience if you can conceive of having one. It is such a routine and mundane act as a rule and has become a focal point of Japanese life in its new incarnation. I guess you do it often enough that you might as well make a deal out of it.
By the way, refill is practically instantaneous and silent. Gosh, you could mediate on this porcelain throne. Americans have so many names for toilets like the “oval office” or the “the head” but none do justice to this ingenious beauty.

There are many options such as tankless designs, low water consumption, and assorted colors like sandy beige. The flushing systems are pure state-of-the-art. You can have such a toilet for about $3,000 in the US which covers a cyclone system and an air dryer. I kid you not. You want a deodorizer built in? You got it. You can import your favorite style from Toto, Japan. It is the oldest and largest plumbing products manufacturers and a leader in research and development. So you know you have made a good choice with any washlet item in their line. Talk about high performance! And you can opt for an elongated or round bowl as you like. Their unit looks like a ceramic cabinet and if you do indulge, put it in your guest bath for sure.